About Video3media Productions


Video3 Productions (now Video3media ) was officially launched in 2015 in response to the growing demand from our existing Internet Broadcasting clients who wanted a mix of video-based resources that would reflect the diversity of their messages and audiences. They knew that we understood the challenges facing them in the public sector and they knew that we could be relied upon to maintain our quality standards, our competitive pricing and, of course, our commitment to customer service.

About Video3media Internet Streaming


Internet Streaming combines the power of live events with the high impact of video presentation, and allows you to deliver live events, seminars and training sessions straight to your chosen audiences, wherever they are.

Live events are immediately archived and can be made available to delegates, on demand for up to six months after your conference or event.

Improving and delivering your communications, training and e-learning strategies with the power of Internet Streaming and quality Video Production.

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