SCTT Conference Interviews November 2017

Brian O'Conner

European Connected Health Alliance.

Paul Lum

Canary Care

Sanjay Gohil


Trevor Hoggard


Manira Ahmad

NHS National Services Scotland


Margaret Whoriskey

Director Technology Enabled Care Scottish Government

Matthew Curl  

Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership

Geoff Wilcock

Open Brolley Health

Sheena  SHIL

Right Medicine Pharmacy

Paul Fox Text Help

Three of the Best

Video3 Health and Social Care Channel Interviews

Manira Ahmad

Video3 Newsline Interview with Manira Ahmad of NHS National Services Scotland 

Lynsay Allan

IVideo3 Newsline Interview with Lynsay Allan of the Cot Death Trust 

Andrew Strong

Video3 Newsline Interview with Andrew Strong of The Alliance Scotland 

Technology Enabled Health & Care Conference Exhibitor Interviews

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Promotional Interviews:

Interview with Chris Wright at SCTT event Edinburgh November 2016 



Interview with Heather Laing at SCTT event Edinburgh November 2016 


Interview with Su Han at SCTT event Edinburgh November 2016 



SCTT Learning Event 2016 Exhibitor Montage


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Mark Finlay - Motech                                                                   Patricia Clark - Carers Scotland



      Sally Magnusson  SCTT Conference 2015                                          Stuart Carroll - Tynetec    


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