Our new App for streaming your events has now had a gruelling few months proving itself out there in the real world and we are pleased to say it has passed with flying colours. Improved video quality, faster streaming and now several different ways you can share the stream with your colleagues.

You now have the ability to embed the stream into a website page designed by your selves, you can choose to have the Chat window or not. You can have our tried and tested library feature or you can send out a simple hyperlink which opens straight into the stream. It’s your choice.

There is no longer any need to ask us to provide stats as this is available to your chosen admin person and these can be accessed 24/7. You have control over the branding so can keep it fresh and up to date when ever and as many times as you like.



With the recent announcement from Adobe (report here) that they will no longer be supporting Flash Media Player / Encoder after 2020, we would like to announce that from September 1st 2017 we will discontinue using our Flash based platform for our streaming services and will offer the much improved                                                                                        HTML5 platform instead.


It has also been announced by Microsoft (report here) that they will be phasing out Flash support in their browsers between now and 2020, also, due to the inherent security risks with IE 7-10 we can now only support those systems using IE 11+ or Chrome / Firefox .


We feel that this will be a considerable step forward and offer a more enjoyable webcast viewing experience. If you have any questions regarding your archive material please contact us


The Video3media Team




At Video3 Media we specialise in delivering quality video production services to the public sector, with particular emphasis on the NHS.
You’ll want quality, effectiveness and a guaranteed result, all of which are factors that differentiate us from our competitors.
We have considerable experience within the health and social care arena and have a clear understanding of the issues and challenges facing the sector. Without doubt, one of the biggest challenges facing the health service today is simply the lack of financial resources to enable organisations to record and disseminate important events and conferences. So, we’ve developed a series of conference, event and training packages designed to meet today’s tight budgets whilst still delivering a quality service.
We think it’s best to let the service speak for itself so take a few minutes to look over some of the many projects that we have delivered for NHS organisations in Scotland.
Please have a look around our website for the many examples of presentations, interviews and CPD events.
Even if you have nothing specific in mind at present we’d welcome a discussion to demonstrate our capabilities further.
For further information simply email us at or call us on either
07774 143433 - Joe
07921 535800 – Gareth

It’s often said that “a picture paints a thousand words” and this is especially true when it comes to advertising and promoting your event. Very seldom can the written word convey the passion, excitement and “must attend” feel that a short video clip can deliver.

When you are organising an event you want your prospective delegates and attendees to be able to share your passion, your excitement and of course your commitment.

Below are a couple of examples of simple yet highly effective promotional videos created for a few of our clients.

Video3Media Dementia Charter Testimonial 

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